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Make Money with Domain Names. Learn The Basics and The Secrets.

Discover The Most Profitable Secrets of the Domain Business.
If you're tired of all the get rich stupid books (plenty of silly bonuses), or need a practical guide to make money online, then you need to read this.

First: I Won't Waste Your Time.

I'll be as short as possible: you don't have to read +200 empty pages (besides, my English is awful so, it will be boring for you to read beyond what´s necessary).

Second: I'll Show You How to Make Money Using a Technique Called "Domain Parking" Seeing Results in 48 Hs or Less!

If You're new to this technique, you'll learn more about it in short.

Domain Parking it's a Great Business with Guys (and Companies) Making
Big Money/ Fortunes with Parking, and Guys... earning NOTHING from it.

I was in the second group of course.

I've been doing pennies with domain parking for 4 or 5 months until i've
developed a strategy that took me to over over $1,400 a month in less
than eight weeks
I Went From $20/Month to Over $1,400/Month in Only 6 Weeks!

Best of All, Numbers Keep Growing and Growing!!!

What Is Domain Parking? How Can It Help Me?

Parking it´s a simple technique:

1) You register a domain name.
2) Point it to a "Parking Company", like (free).
3) Choose a Design for your site and describe a topic for it.

That's All. The Parking Company will create a site on the fly (based on your selections)
and it will display some ads on those pages, so when someone clicks your make cash!

It's an easier way to make money with your domains without having to deal with Web
and Content Creation (2 very time Consuming activities).

And you don't have to design a site or pay hosting bills. Everything it's handled by the Domain Parking Company.

Here you can see an example of a parked domain. The Design is provided by the parking company.

Sounds Easy? It's Not...If You Don't Know The Secrets.

As i've told you before, there are many guys making fortunes with Domain Parking and
guys making NOTHING from it. Why? The second group just know the basics.

Now, it was also very complicated for me at the very beginning. Got Zero Help from other BIG domainers and didn't know how to move on this arena...until i've develped a killer
strategy that took me from $20/Month to over $1,400/Month (07 UPDATED: + 3K/Month)
in only six weeks!

And that's why i wrote a practical guide with all this things. I Call it "The Lazy Domainer"...

The Lazy Domainer Shows The Basics....And The Secrets
Of The Domain Parking Industry...

The Basics Of The Domain Parking Industry
In a couple of minutes, you'll learn more about this biz & its players.
How To Get Domain Names With NO Cash.
If you have no money to spend on domain registration fees, must read this.
Get Traffic in 48 Hs. or Less... With NO Promotion!!!
I will show you how can i register domains that get traffic in 48 hs (or less) without promoting them or moving a finger.
How To Get More $ Per Click.
While many domainers are earning $0.03/$0.05 per click with Parking, i´m always over $0.20/$0.70 and that makes a difference. I´ll show you how can you earn more per click.
How To Get Mispelled Domains With Traffic.
Tons of mispelled domains are fooling around but a very low % of them get traffic. You'll learn my formula for getting profitable mispelled domains with traffic.
How To Use Your Own Parking Software.
  In some ocassions you'll want to run your custom parking pages in your sites and place adsense ads, eBay listings or other affiliate programs. You'll learn how can you get your own "parked" pages
with instant and constantly updated content.
Traffic For Parked Domains (Domainers: Must Read!)
  Search Engines are a great source of traffic for a big number of websites, but... what happens with parked domains? Well, a big number of domainers are having problems with this topic.

For example: Having lots of indexed pages at the search engines could help to drive more traffic. While many domainers have 20-50 indexed pages, i have parked domains with
over 500 indexed pages!

Wow! Over 500 Indexed Pages With a Parked Domain?
Is This Possible?

Yes. And i'll show you how! If you´re parking with Low Results, this technique will
dramatically change the traffic to your domains. And your earnings, of course.

Last Update: Over 14,000 Indexed Pages With a Parked Domain!

And More !!!

(You DON'T need to have a PayPal account when using your Credit Card with PayPal)


Learn the Basics and the Secrets

Get Results in 48 hs (or less!)
Start with Only $8!
Make Cash from Any Country.
No Web Design Skills Required.
No Programming Required.
Step-by-Step Guides.
Basic and Advanced Techniques.
A Must Have!

"Forget condos and strip malls.
Domain names, the real estate
of the Web, have been delivering
far greater returns."

Parking as a Google
Adsense Alternative.
Everybody knows that Adsense it's a
Great way of Domain Monetization, but it requires work:

A) Get a Domain
B) Design a Site
C) Create Content
D) Do Some Marketing to
Build Traffic.

Then You Have to Repeat the
Formula With Many Sites to Make Some Decent Cash... Too Much
Work and Time Consuming.

Domain Parking Means
Less Work!

Since the "Domain Parking"
company will provide the design
and some content, Your Job Is Reduced to A) Get a Domain
and D) Promote Your Site.

Best of All, You Can Even Reduce
Your Job to A) Domain Name

Yes! You can get Domains With Traffic and start making money in
48 hs. or less! I'll show you killer
techniques to get this kind of
domains the easy way!

New to Parking? Must Read!
Parking With Low Results? Must Read!
Experienced Domainer? Must Read!!!

Experienced Domainers

There´s Nothing like Buying
Expired Domains With Traffic
(lots of Backlinks and Indexed Pages at the Search Engines).

But, if those indexed pages are
not anymore in your gonna get your domain deindexed in some weeks/days ...right? Yes. Stupid Purchase.This happens to a 99% of all the Domainers I Know. It also
happened to me a few years
ago. Not anymore.I´ve developed a technique that
lets me "recreate"all those
indexed pages with new
content in less than 10
minutes!Yes. Give me an Expired
Domain with 5,000 or 500,000
indexed pages (or more)
and in 10 minutes you´ll have
all those pages online again
(and with content), keeping
the pages indexed at the
search engines. Forget those 404 tricks.
You´ll get deindexed.

The same filenames will be
online minutes.

And More!!!! � 2007

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